Our Vision

Black SuperSheroes is a creative platform whose aim is to make historical black women the norm for KS2/3 education. We do this by designing fun, engaging and inclusive workshops highlighting the contributions black women have played in society.

We do this by collaborating with leading organisations as well as charities, museums and schools to run creative art workshops highlighting prominent black female figures. Our workshops range from creating t-shirts to role-playing. Too often are Black women left out in education leaving an impact in under-representation. Black SuperSheroes is changing that by taking a much more contemporary and creative approach to learning about black women.

Our yearly exhibitions during Black History Month aims to celebrate Black women through art by creating an interactive and inclusive art space for children and families.

Our Story

With a passion for art, founder Ese Akpojotor never really saw drawings that were a reflection of herself while growing up so she created Black SuperSheroes to hopefully stop history repeating itself for the next generation of youths.