Fight Like Nicola - Boxing Workshop

Pedro Youth Club

25th October 2018

This workshop is in connection with our current exhibition 'Forgotten Figures' where we celebrate professional boxer Nicola Adams. This one-day boxing workshop is exclusively for girls aged between 7 - 12 who want to challenge perceptions on what sport is suitable for them.

A face of An African - International Slavery Remembrance Day

National Maritime Museum Greenwich

23 August 2018

For International Slavery Remembrance Day we wanted to take a contemporary approach in which kids would take part in. Through the help of the Maritime Museum archives, we managed to dig up unseen images of African women during the transatlantic slave trade and transform them as supershero masks to celebrate their bravery, courage as well as resistance. We wanted the children to re-write history through art by giving them control of how they saw these particular women.


'Let Her Talk'

SOAS University

10th August 2018

With the recent stories of knife crime in the capital, we wanted to highlight this through role-play. We collaborated with Consented Magazine and SOAS University to host a workshop which looked at this issue from a female perspective. Too often does the media overlook how knife crime affects young women and the after effects it has on them. 'Let Her Talk' allowed young women to voice their anger, sadness, and opinion on how knife crime affects them by acting out real-life scenarios.


Clapton Library

9th August 2018 

Mask-Tastic was a mask and costume making workshop at Clapton library where young girls aged between 7 - 12 designed and became their very own supershero character.